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Employee Benefits

Madhead Treats

7 x 24 unlimited snacks & vending machine drinks & cup noodles, and tea lady cooking soup twice a week


Team Gathering

We have weekly team gatherings and monthly tea time session. Company will sponsor meals and gather around for company announcement and sharing


Relaxing Moment

Free use of massage chair during office hour 


What Else?!

We have lots of different types of benefit and a fun environment for you to work in


Company Trip

Osaka 2019

We went to Wakayama  to enjoy hot spring, savor fresh sashimi in Kuroshio Market and go shopping in Osaka downtown 

Tokyo 2018

Visited the famous Tokyo Game Show in 2018 and we had very nice cuisine on a boat 

Phuket 2017

We had a really great time in the resort. The beaches and sun were awesome!  


Company Events


Game Challenge

Christmas Party

As a game company, we enjoy playing a variety of games. Therefore, we held a game competition in 2019 Christmas to find out who is the best game player in the company!


Tree Establishment Ceremony

With the greatest appreciation to Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation.

「十年樹木, 百年樹人」


Annual Dinner 2019

We have different themes for our annual dinner every year. Each of our colleagues received $500 for sponsoring dress up costs. The theme was "MAD HEROES" in 2019! 


MAD Racing

Christmas Party

Game industry is a fast paced environment, just like car racing - Fast and Furious!


Madhead 10th


Madhead has been established for over 10 years! We invited our staff and former colleagues to celebrate with us for this special date. 


Annual Dinner 2018

Blue is the colour of the sky and sea. It can represent various of meaning. Same as our theme "MAD BLUE", it stands for our madness in creating games, trust, wisdom, confidence, intelligence and faith in bringing joy to our game players. 

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